MX Respins

MX Snapshots
Some MX community members have created respins of MX that are hosted here. MX does not officially support them, they are supported by their developers. If you are running one of these and need assistance, please post in the MX Modified Forum and include the name of the respin you are using.

      Name                                    Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - MX-15_386_CORE_Nov_2016_v2.iso.sig 08-Nov-2016 16:22 287 MX-15_386_CORE_Nov_2016_v2.iso.sha512 08-Nov-2016 16:20 161 MX-15_386_CORE_Nov_2016_v2.iso.md5 08-Nov-2016 13:21 65 MX-15_386_CORE_Nov_2016_v2.iso 08-Nov-2016 13:21 700M MX15-x64_KDE_added_July_2016.iso 17-Jul-2016 00:29 1.3G MX15-x64_KDE_added_July_2016.iso.sig 16-Jul-2016 23:05 158 MX15-x64_KDE_added_July_2016.iso.sha512 16-Jul-2016 23:05 163 MX15-x64_KDE_added_July_2016.iso.md5 16-Jul-2016 23:05 67 MX15-x64_KDE_added_June_2016.iso.sig 17-Jun-2016 11:28 158 MX15-x64_KDE_added_June_2016.iso.sha512 17-Jun-2016 11:26 163 MX15-x64_KDE_added_June_2016.iso.md5 16-Jun-2016 18:15 71 MX15-x64_KDE_added_June_2016.iso 16-Jun-2016 18:14 1.3G